Download Actions Hardware Check Tool for Windows

The Actions Hardware Check Tool is an application for Windows operating system that verifies the hardware and memory of devices utilizing the Actions System-on-Chip (SoC) chips. This tool enables users to diagnose hardware problems and acquire details about the device’s performance and components. It can be used to conduct hardware tests and perform troubleshooting.

Key Features of Actions Hardware Check Tool

The Actions Hardware Check Tool has a range of features that can be used to diagnose and test hardware issues on devices with Actions SoC chips. These features include the PMU Initial Test, DDR Scan, NAND CE Test, SD Card Test, Audio Test, and HDMI Test.

PMU Initial Test

To ensure optimal device performance and identify potential power-related issues, the PMU Initial Test can be used to verify the functionality of a device’s Power Management Unit.

DDR 16Bit-32Bit

Scan The DDR 16-bit Scan and DDR 32-bit Scan features enable users to test a device’s memory, detect any errors or issues, and troubleshoot memory-related problems on the device.


The NAND Test feature checks if the NAND flash memory of a device is functioning correctly and detects any errors or issues with NAND_CE0, NAND_CE1, NAND_CE2, and NAND_CE3 memory.

SD Card Test

The SD Card Test feature enables users to test their device’s SD card for errors or issues and ensure proper functionality. It helps identify any potential problems with the SD card, which could affect device performance, allowing for troubleshooting and resolution.

Audio Test

With the Audio Test feature, users can verify the functionality of their device’s audio components and detect issues such as distortion. Additionally, detailed information on the device’s audio components can help troubleshoot and address any audio-related problems.


The HDMI Test feature provides users with a way to verify their device’s HDMI interface functionality and identify any issues. Detailed information on the device’s HDMI interface helps users troubleshoot and address potential problems, ensuring optimal device performance.

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