Airpush Detector APK

Airpush Detector

Airpush Detector is a simple Android application which detects other installed simply adware detector applications which appear to use the AirPush ad framework and a few
other known notification ad frameworks very easily.
This Amazing app is called “Ads Detector”.

Airpush Detector APK download details.

  • Name: Airpush Detector
  • Version: Ads_Detector_Airpush_Detector_Simple_Version_v1.0_apk
  • Work As: Ads_Detector
  • Type: Free App
  • Android: 4.4 and up
  • Size: 1.49 MB

More about Airpush Detector!

Random Desc Phrases :
this app is an anti-adware
Will Airpush detector app is the best
Airpush ad detector more than an app.
The Airpush detector scan will not block ads it just Detects them
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Detects apps with ads, permissions and running in the background
Shows all applications with Ads and without Ads and all Apps running in the background.
adware finder will find the adware
anti-adware is free to charge app and anti-adware for android phones free
ultra adware killer with an adware killer
anti adware for android devices only
adware detection of malware and anti-adware for android phones
our application is able to adware scan

How to install the Airpush Detector App APK?

The followings are the steps to install the Airpush Detector_v1.0.3_APK for Android devices. which saves your time and easy to use.

  • Airpush Detector APK Download.
  • Move into SD Card or Internal Phone Storage.
  • Double-tap to run and install it.
  • After Complete the installation Open it to use.

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