Asus Flash Tool Download all versions [ZenFone Flash Tool]

Asus is a promptly expanding manufacturer name making budget-friendly devices with powerful features attached. But when that is not enough for their advanced users who expect more than what is in the stack frame, also we could not miss talking about flash. And that name is Asus Flash Tool which flashes Asus Stock firmware on Asus devices and does more comparable to which takes Android running Zenfone. To learn about all with Asus Flash, just continue reading below.

Android running Zenfone gets with this flash utility, we hear and call it Asus Zenfone Flash tool. Just as many similar flash applications, this is to come supported through Windows computers. With the updated version of the Asus flash tool, developers now add support for many Android running Zenfones flashing of stock firmware and more similar to 100% success. But also remember that it only supports RAW ROM packages.

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Asus Flash Tool Download Information.

  • Name: Zenfone Flash Tool
  • Latest Version: ASUS.Flash.Tool.v2.0.1
  • Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
  • Work As: Asus Software Repair Tool
  • File Type: Exe File (SETUP)
  • File Size: 5.52 MBytes
  • Offered by: Asus

Asus Flash Tool key features:

Although it is a small application in the measures, it is a powerful Windows app when comes to processing. So let us see how it functions through the features it takes by developers.

  • Flash Asus Stock Firmware
    • It supports Stock firmware flashing on any Asus Zenfone device. With appropriate Asus firmware downloaded, you can easily upgrade or downgrade device software through downloading Asus Flash.
  • Allows to Backup Apps
    • Not all of the flash utilities are ready to support apps backup. But fortunately, the Zenfone Flash Tool is doing that perfectly to support backup apps and restore them back. Also, the custom apps include what the user has installed on their device. But here it lacks support to backup application data is related to restoring the original settings of the app.
  • Backup System Apps
    • It also bucks support in backup system apps which you would be able to restore trouble-free. For the ease of the user, the app files going to save in the format of .ab on their computer.
  • Progress bar Feature
    • One of the enthralling things about downloading the Asus Firmware Flash Tool is its uncomplicated and upfront UI where you only needed for selecting the correct file and directing it to process. And on the live progress bar, the users could see the process of the program from which they could see whether the device/ data is connected and the program is still going well.

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Download Asus Flash Tool Latest Version:

Developers always keep updating the tool that matches various requirements. So as of now, here we share the Asus ZenFone flash tool as the latest version with the following changes.

  • Addresses automatically close the Asus Flash Tool after several seconds
  • The fix is given to the layout in the Backup/Restore tab

Furthermore, the latest update is bringing guaranteed success since it takes improvements for the work frame as well. But in case if you fail getting paired with the latest flash tool version, we recommend installing the Asus USB Driver or trying any previous version of the tool but first checking the compatibility several times.

Steps to Install Asus Flash Tool:

  1. Download and install Asus USB drivers software on the Windows PC.
  2. Download and extract Flash Tool on the PC to get workable extensions.
  3. Tap Double click on the “Asus_Zenfone_FlashTool_2.0.1.exe” file and click on “next”. And go to the “Install” option for which you would get a security message which needs to be continued with “OK”
  4. That will successfully make the flashing tool to be installed on your Windows PC

Asus Zenfone Flash Tool download links:

The flashing application is compatible with all Windows platforms up to Windows XP. Considering the compatible field it shows Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 as good results. Native Asus USB driver installation is an urgent requirement for politeness.

Asus Flash Tool download can perform on both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows operating systems as well. Just click on the respective direct Asus flash tool latest version free download link (e.g Asus ZenFone 2 laser flash tool or Asus z00ld flashing tool) and pick the (Asus flash tool installer) useful flashing application to repair Asus devices software in a short way (e.g. Asus Zoold flash file).

Download Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1

How to use Asus Zenfone Flash Tool?

• Asus Flash File Flashing Requirements:
  1. Asus ZenFone Flash Tool
  2. Asus USB Driver
  3. Asus Firmware
  4. USB Data Cable
  5. Windows Computer
•  Just follow some simple steps on how to use the Asus flash tool to get flash your device:
  1. Launch Asus Tool and connect the device to PC via using USB Data cable
  2. Click on the disconnected button, and select the exact Stock firmware file by using the “Browse” button
  3. Let the process starts and restarts the device automatically. Restart the device to enter Recovery mode by long press and hold the Volume down and up keys and insert the USB cable into the phone.
  4. In the Recovery Mode, select update ADB with “apply update from ADB” and start from where the flashing is paused
  5. The mobile phone automatically restarts after the update is done. just you need to disconnect your device from the PC and configure it to use.

Note! Before starting the Asus firmware flashing process, you need to reboot your device to Developer mode while also enabling the USB debugging mode from device settings. Then download the exact Asus Zenfone Stock firmware file on the PC. Before starting,s update the process backup and save device data, charge your SmartPhone, or keep the battery level over 40%. The flashing process takes some time. So do not operate or power off your smartphone during the process. The mobile phone automatically restarts after the update is done.

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[Asus ZenFone] How to do a hard reset of your Asus phone?

If you cannot use the “Factory data reset” function from the Settings menu, you can use Recovery mode to hard reset your device. To do a factory data reset, please follow some simple steps below.

1. Power off your device and reboot again by holding the “Volume up” key and then press (also hold) the “Power” key.

2.  When the device vibrates, just release the “Power key” and keep holding the “Volume up” key to enter Fastboot mode.

3. Select “RECOVERY MODE” by “volume down key” (or “volume up key”), and then press “Power key” to confirm.

4. Select “Wipe data/factory reset” by pressing “Volume down” or “volume up key“, and then press the “Power key” to confirm.

5. Select “Yes” by pressing “Volume down” or “volume up key“, and then press the “Power key” to start a hard reset process.

6. After the reset is completed, select “Reboot system now” and press the “Power key” to reboot the device.