How to tell if your iPhone has water damage ( 3 Easy Steps)

If you left your iPhone in the bathroom while you take a shower, you may have water damage to your device. It’s easy to check if your phone has been affected by water, but not all the damage will be visible from the outside of the device. Here are three steps to test if your iPhone has water damage, and what you can do about it if so.

How to know you have water damage iPhone

First thing’s first, stop using your phone. Even though you might be fine, electricity and water don’t mix and you’ll probably just cause more problems if you use it. Next, look at it carefully. Do you see any of these signs? Is there a strange odor coming from it? Is there condensation on or around it? If so, then you have to take action immediately.

Your phone is most likely damaged by water, which means its internal components are short circuiting as they try to dry out. The longer you wait to fix your device, the higher chance that permanent damage will occur. Now that you know what to look for, here is how to check for water damage

How do I fix it?

If you suspect your phone might have water damage, don’t risk it and hope for the best. If possible, bring it in for a professional inspection. There are plenty of tech-savvy phone repair shops that can give you an honest answer about whether or not it’s worth it to try and fix your device. And remember: After your phone has gotten wet, you need to air dry it out as soon as possible even if there doesn’t seem to be any visible damage.

If you want to make sure your phone is fully dried out before turning it back on, leave it off overnight with a few paper towels inside to absorb any remaining moisture. Then, turn it on and make sure everything works properly.

How can I prevent this from happening?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that their phone is waterproof, which may cause them to take it into a shower or pool with them. Never leave your cell phone in areas with high temperatures or humidity, such as on a car dashboard in summertime or in a bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower. To test if you have water damage, plug your device into an outlet. If it doesn’t turn on after 24 hours, then there might be some moisture damage inside. If your iPhone won’t charge at all, then you should probably get it checked out by Apple or another professional repair service.

Safety Tips

If you’ve accidently left your phone in a pocket or briefcase with an open bottle of liquid, there’s probably no need to panic. The amount of time it takes for damage to occur depends on how much liquid was spilled and how long it sat in contact with your device. Remove all of your belongings from any pockets that may have gotten wet your phone included and dry them thoroughly with a clean towel before power-cycling them.

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