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Magma FRP Tool is the Best GSM Servicing Tool that will help you to unlock FRP on Samsung Android smartphones with just a little penny if you are looking for a fast and hassle-free way to unlock your Samsung phone from FRP Lock.

The Magma Tool is a product by Magma Team that includes four gsm software servicing tools. Magma Tool offered 1: Magma Network Unlock Tool, 2: FRP Unlock Tool, 3: MSL Tool, and 4: EMToken Tool is available to download.

Note: Magma is not a free tool. If you want to use any Magma product you must buy Magma credits which are charged for every process. Using Magma FRP Tool, Samsung Galaxy users can remove FRP Google account verification with 4 credits to unlock their phone.

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Magma Tool Team Products and Features List

  1. Magma FRP Unlock Tool
  2. Magma Network Unlock Tool
  3. Magma MSL Tool
  4. Magma EmToken Tool

Magma FRP Unlock Tool

  • Magma FRP Tool Reset FRP & all Accounts type for All OneUI & TouchWiz devices
  • Support All & Last securities
  • No ADB needed, Via MTP Mode
  • Direct Reset for device setup stuck
  • One-Click FRP Bypass in Less Than 1 minute
  • Support all countries

Magma FRP Tool

Version Changelog:

Version 2.2 is Released (2021-05-04):

  • General improvements

Version 2.1 is Released (2021-03-03):

  • General improvements

Version 2.0 is Released (2021-01-10):

  • Improved connections

Version 1.9 is Released (2020-11-27):

  • Increased operation speed

Version 1.8 is Released (2020-11-14):

  • Fixed Bugs

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Magma Network Unlock Tool

  • Magma Network Unlock Tool is the Easiest way to unlock OneUI & TouchWiz Devices Network with one Click
  • Simple user interface without the need for an account for activation
  • Support Android devices until Android 10
  • One EXE file without the need to install external files
  • Permanent unlock without any relock problems

Version Changelog:

Version 10.9 is Released (2021-06-05):

  • The application now supports multiple devices

Version 10.8 is Released (2021-05-08):

  • Improved Operation and increased speed for android 11+ devices

Version 10.7 is Released (2021-05-04):

  • General improvement

Version 10.6 is Released (2021-05-04):

  • Added support to unlock TFO Carrier ID
  • Fixed some errors “Failed to write sector 6”

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Magma MSL Tool

  • Repair original IMEI with Certificate (if it’s damaged)
  • Support stock firmware without Root
  • No Patch Cert Needed
  • Permanent Repair
  • Simple interface with one click only
  • Support for Exynos, QCOM, JDM, Automatically detection Without complicated options

Version Changelog:

Version 5.2 is Released (2021-05-27):

  • Improved ADB Devices detection
  • Fixed JDM Devices “Failed to write sector (6)” issue
  • Improved ADB/Modem Port automatic selection

Version 5.0 is Released (2021-05-24):

  • Added Support to Repair IMEI for old Qcom MSL16 Devices (ex: SM-G95*U)

Version 4.7 is Released (2021-05-23):

  • Multi-device support has been added

Version 4.6 is Released (2021-05-08):

  • Improved Operation and increased speed for android 11+ devices

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Magma EmToken Tool

Download Latest Version

Version Changelog:

Version 1.4 is Released (2021-05-31):

  • Added support to request custom token (TAR file download)

Version 1.3 is Released (2021-05-23):

  • A Warning about Android 11

Version 1.2 is Released (2021-05-19):

  • Improved Port Read Write for remote connections

Version 1.1 is Released (2021-05-17):

  • General improvements

Version 1.0 is Released (2021-05-14):

  • Initial Release

MagmaTeam Products Usage Terms & Conditions

MAGMA Tool Terms of Service and Refund Policy

MAGMA Tool is aimed to provide service to unlock TouchWiz & OneUI devices network with 1 click
Still, you need to be charged for each device ( Credits ) to Unlock TouchWiz & OneUI devices.

Please use this tool only if you agree to these terms of service and refund policy!
This is a Digital Product to Unlock TouchWiz & OneUI Phones Network.
Direct and Permanent Unlock for TouchWiz & OneUI Phones

Once You start using our Tool ( The Magma Tool) that means you as End User agreed to our Terms of Service and our refund policy and use this Tool ( The Magma Tool) without violating your country’s laws.
Also, that means you agreed that there is No Money Refund in any way or by any means as this is a DIGITAL product.
Once your credits are deducted by the tool when doing an operation then there is no way to get them back in any way or by any means.
Once you Add credits to your account then there is no way to get them back in any way or by any means.
You are suggested to add credits on demand, Don’t stockpile your credits!
Once you Add credits to your account then there is no way to get them back and /or transfer them into any other service
and/or request a refund for any reason in any way or by any means.
Our service is reliable, but still, we have no responsibility for any damage that happens when you are using our tool.