Root Nexus device with Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9


-Nexus Root Toolkit

This Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9 program will automatically collect all the files you need to unlock and root your device in a few clicks, or flash it back to stock and lock it again. You can use this program to access all your important data, flash zips, set file permissions, push and drag files, install apps, create log cats/bug ports, and more. With the included file association options, you can do things like zip flashing, installing apps, downloading android, restoring backup files, and flashing/booting img files with just one double click!

The Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9 Download the files needed for your device with intelligence and choice and ensures that you are using the latest files. Even the program can detect and build your device itself. This release brings official support for new zip style factory packages. Check the latest Changelog for a more comprehensive breakdown of feature sets and changes in this release.

♥My goal for the Nexus Smartphones’ root is to make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible.♥

-Key Features

Read the most reliable key features of the Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9.

  • A fully-featured interface to automatically work in TWRP in the program.
  • Improved features maintenance, an in-built auto-updater / notification system.
  • Any-way’ mode, advanced maintenance features.
  • ‘NRT – Live Log’ included for viewing ADB / Fastboot.
  • CMDS, that runs in the background, Utility Tools for Instant Tools.
  • Utility Set for Custom Build – Prep Tax, and Tools for Taking Screenshots / Screen Recording.
  • All the latest official Android built and Nexus devices are supported.

-How to Use

  1. Select the correct device to build (which you are currently running).
  2. Configure Your Nexus device Drivers If You Are Not Already Using.
  3. Driver Guide (If You Are Not Sure to Use Your Driver’s Guide to Testing Your Drivers Step 3).
  4. Back up your important data if you need it.
  5. Unlock your device.
  6. Root your device.
  7. Enjoy unlimited hidden features of your Nexus Device.


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