Parallel Space Multiple accounts For Whats app & Facebook Two face_v4.0.8438

About Parallel Space Multiple accounts

on Android, Parallel Space helps more than Whole World million users log on to multiple accounts at the same time on one device and highlight their own style. Many peoples also protect user privacy by Using Parallel Space Multiple accounts For Whats app & Facebook apps invisible on the device with the Incognito Installation feature.

Moreover, many users are able to customize themes of their cloned apps and the themes of Parallel Space to style their own space. Parallel Space supports up to 24 languages, and be compatible with most Android apps. Get Parallel Space immediately from our website WWW.FIXFIRMWARES.COM to manage multiple accounts, and protect your privacy, and customize your own parallel, space.

About Multiple accounts Apk

  • Name: Parallel, Space Multiple accounts Two face
  • File Type: Apk File
  • Version: V4.0.8438
  • Supported Os: Android
  • Android: Up to 5.0 to 8.0

How To Download And Install

  1. Download Parallel-Space Multiple accounts For Whats app & Facebook Two face
  2. Extract downloaded file using win rar on 7zip software
  3. If You have no Win Rar or 7zip software then Download from link bellow
  4. After downloading win rar or 7zip zip install in your p.c or laptop
  5. After Extracting apk copy in your memory card or your smartphone storrage
  6. install this app in your android smartphone
  7. after compete instlation open it to use.


Watch Full Video Tutorial to learn how to install and use and install parallel accounts click on the video

Note: • Permissions Parallel, Space needs to apply for the permissions required by the apps added in Parallel, Space to function normally. For example, if Parallel, Space is not permitted to acquire your location, you will be unable to send your location to your friends in some apps that run in Parallel apk, file