Universal ADB Driver

Universal ADB Driver is a software program that provides a bridge between your computer and Android devices, allowing you to communicate with your Android device via USB debugging. This driver helps your computer recognize your Android device and enables you to transfer files between them, install apps on your Android device, and execute various debugging commands. Universal ADB Driver is compatible with many Android devices and is widely used by developers and Android enthusiasts alike.

Universal ADB Driver Download

Download the latest version of Universal ADB Driver to bridge between your computer and Android smartphones or tablets:

NameUniversal ADB Driver installer
File typeCompressed/Zip/Rar File
File Size:9.22 MB
Virus statusscanned by Kaspersky’s Security

Universal ADB Driver for Samsung

How to Install Universal ADB Driver

1. Download the Universal ADB Driver Installer Zip file on your PC.
2. Extract the download Zip file.
3. Open the Universal ADB Installer folder.
4. Install the ADB driver on your PC (using either the Setup Wizard or Install method).
5. Once you have successfully installed the ADB driver, connect your device to the PC using a USB cable.

Note: If you encounter any driver error problems, you can try connecting your Android device to the PC and relaunching the Universal ADB drivers for a second time. Then, select the same install method and exploit it to fix the issue.

Universal ADB Driver

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