What is a Vanity Phone Number

A vanity phone number refers to a customized business phone number that is personally chosen by the owner instead of being randomly assigned by the phone service company. These numbers are designed to be more memorable for customers and help your business stand out from competitors. Vanity phone numbers can be either toll-free numbers or local numbers.

This comprehensive guide on vanity phone numbers provides detailed information about vanity numbers, toll-free vanity numbers, and the providers offering such services.

We recommend utilizing our vanity phone number generator to generate a unique and distinctive vanity phone number for your business.

What is a Vanity Phone Number

Vanity phone numbers are phone numbers that incorporate specific phrases or words related to:

  • Your business’s customer base
  • Your business’s brand image
  • Your business’s name

For instance, a beauty salon might have a vanity phone number like “1-800-424-7288” which translates to “1-800-BEAUTY”.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers were initially introduced to enable businesses to receive calls without charging their customers for long-distance fees. However, with the prevalence of unlimited calling plans today, toll-free numbers, including toll-free vanity numbers, are not typically necessary for that purpose. Toll-free numbers are primarily used because:

  • They provide easy and quick access for customers to reach you.
  • They have universal recognition.
  • They offer various safety features.

Note: Some businesses adopt Toll-Free Vanity Numbers as their business names and domain names. For example, 1800Contacts.com incorporates this discount contact company’s brand.

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Share-Use Toll-Free Numbers

Another option for your business is to acquire a share-use toll-free number. These numbers offer similar advantages to vanity phone numbers, such as enhanced memorability, but at a more affordable cost. Since multiple businesses utilize the same share-use toll-free vanity number, calls are directed to a specific business within its exclusive geographic area.

Local Vanity Numbers

If your business primarily operates in a specific state or locality, a local vanity number might be a suitable choice. By utilizing a local phone number, customers may perceive a direct connection between your business and their community, which can differentiate you from competitors.

A local vanity number can be directed to a phone company of your preference.

Easy-Dial Vanity Phone Numbers

If you are unable to find a suitable vanity phone number for your business using a specific word or phrase, there are alternative options to create a memorable phone number. For instance, you can opt for a phone number with a particular numerical pattern, such as repeated or sequential digits. This approach is particularly effective for visual and auditory advertising mediums like television, radio, and videos.

While these phone numbers are often cost-effective, pricing may vary based on the rarity and demand for a specific numerical pattern.

What Are the Advantages of Vanity Phone Numbers?

Vanity phone numbers offer several benefits to your business, all of which contribute to setting you apart from the competition. Specifically, a vanity phone number can:

Enhance Your Brand Image
A vanity phone number that incorporates a relevant word related to your business (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS) can improve your brand image by clearly indicating what your company offers. This distinguishes you from competitors who do not have vanity phone numbers.

Improve Your Customer Service
A memorable vanity phone number makes it easier for customers to contact you, especially for existing customers who do not have to search for your phone number every time they have a question or issue. A memorable phone number demonstrates your commitment to customer convenience and signals that you value their interests.

Increase Your Website Traffic
By facilitating easier communication through phone calls, vanity phone numbers can boost customer engagement, resulting in increased website traffic. Additionally, a vanity number can establish your company as authoritative, trustworthy, and legitimate in the eyes of first-time customers, further driving website visits.

Enhance Your Competitive Edge
Improving your brand image, enhancing customer service, and increasing website traffic all contribute to a more competitive position in the market.

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What is the Cost of a Vanity Phone Number?

Vanity phone numbers typically range in cost from approximately $10 to $100 per month. The price varies based on factors such as:

  • Rates offered by your business phone service provider
  • Your phone plan
  • Whether the vanity number is toll-free or local
  • The required area code
  • The popularity of the chosen vanity number

Additionally, an initial setup fee may be charged, ranging from around $15 to $100.

How to Select a Vanity Phone Number

Consider the following factors when choosing a vanity phone number:

Choose Between a Local or Toll-Free Number
While customers today may not incur long-distance charges, a national toll-free number can facilitate future expansion into other cities or states. Toll-free numbers are universally recognized and offer essential safety features. On the other hand, if your business primarily operates locally, a local vanity number can indicate your connection to the community.

Ensure Memorability of Your Vanity Number

One of the primary purposes of acquiring a vanity phone number is to ensure easy recall for customers. It also demonstrates your consideration for their time and effort in contacting you.

Select a Vanity Number that Reflects Your Business
Your vanity phone number should represent a facet of your business, brand, products, or services. It can incorporate your company’s name (e.g., 1-800-XFINITY) or describe your offerings (e.g., 1-800-HOMEBUY for a real estate agent). Including relevant keywords related to your industry or company is a strategic approach. Our vanity phone number generator can assist you in this process.

How to Obtain a Vanity Phone Number

To acquire a vanity phone number, contact your business phone service provider, who will provide you with a list of available numbers to choose from.

If you do not have an account with a business phone service, you will be assigned a random number when you open an account. However, you can switch to a vanity number afterward.

While vanity phone numbers can be rented, we recommend purchasing one to avoid the need for subscription renewal at the end of each rental period.

To obtain a share-use vanity phone number:

Select a number that aligns with your specific business model.
Choose the geographic area you wish to license exclusively, which can be a metro area, a portion of a state, or an entire state.
Promote your new number across all your advertisements, social media accounts, and website(s).

Vanity Phone Number FAQs

What does “vanity number” mean?

A vanity phone number refers to a number specifically chosen by an individual or business for their own use, rather than being randomly assigned by the phone service provider. Vanity numbers are usually easy to remember and often incorporate elements related to the company’s products, services, or value proposition.

How can I obtain a vanity phone number?

To acquire a vanity phone number, contact your phone service provider and request an available vanity number. For more information on vanity phone numbers and business phone numbers in general, refer to our comprehensive guide on how to obtain a business phone number.

Is my phone number considered a vanity number?

If you consciously selected your phone number to highlight your products, services, or differentiate your business from competitors, then it can be considered a vanity number. Top business phone service providers like RingCentral and Grasshopper can provide you with vanity numbers.

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