What is Antivirus? and What is virus in computer?

What is Antivirus

What is Antivirus?

We are pleased to share information about what is antivirus? and What is the function of this software on the computer? Of course, you’ll know everything about it.

Antivirus software definition.

Antivirus software is specially designed to protect your computer and the data it contains from viruses. Antivirus software was originally designed to detect and remove computer viruses, hence its name. However, with the spread of other types of malware, anti-virus software began to protect against other computer threats.

What is virus in computer?

You may be wondering now what is the name of what is a virus in the computer or what is a virus? So we will explain it to you. A computer virus is actually a malicious software program or “malware” that, when it infects your system, duplicates itself by editing other computer programs and entering its own code. Afterward, Infected computer programs may include data files or the “boot” sector of the hard drive.

why do I need antivirus software?

When you install any New Software or New Game on your computer and for any reason, after the installation it can cause a virus on the computer, Otherwise, the virus can damage the contents of your computer. In the meantime, you need to resort to any good antivirus software to save your valuable content.

A good example is that everyone wants to keep their content safe at all times, whether it’s photos of a particular moment, videos, writing, or anything else. With the use of computers, viruses have become a hot topic and installing antivirus is essential to protect your content.

Examples of antivirus software.

By the way, many computer companies are reducing the cost of this project by protecting them from viruses on the computer. But the most important of these are listed in the following list of companies.

Give 4 examples of antivirus software.

  1. Norton 360.
  2. AVG.
  3. Avira.
  4. Mcafee.

In addition, such other company’s antivirus software is also available in the market. But, Bitdefender Family Pack, Trendmicro, Watchdog, Nod, and ESET are more popular and capable Antivirus software.

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