Windows 7 ISO

Windows 7 ISO

Here we are sharing information, Features, and complete data about Windows 7 ISO.

About Windows 7 ISO?

This is the most famous and popular operating system for all types of Laptops/Computers. This is perfectly usable for all professionals and businesses. This version of windows is easily acceptable for users because it has so many new and versatile features.  The design and colors are also beautiful. This also contains all features of Windows XP.

History of Windows 7

Windows XP was the most acceptable operating system all over the world. But with the passage of time, a lot of problems were found in Windows XP.  After that, the Microsoft company’s owner, Bill Gates, and his team are decided to make a version that solves all the previous problems. Then they announce a new version of the operating system named “Windows 7 ISO” in the year 2009. This version became much famous among professionals as well as business people.

System Requirements for Windows 7

The following are the main requirements for downloading and installation of windows 7. These perquisites should be fulfilled.


1 GHz or higher ( 32 or 64 Bit Supported processor)


Minimum 1 GB (Gigabyte)

Hard disk Space

Minimum free space should be 15 GB for 32 Bit & 20 GB for 64 Bit


DirectX 9 Graphics to use Windows Aero Feature


Features of Windows 7

The followings are the most important and unique features of this operating system.

Updated UI

This version of the operating system is redesigned and its user interface is so attractive to the eyes.


Windows 7 contains a variety of themes, sound effects, and colors, etc.

Wallpaper Gallery

A large number of beautiful pictures were added in Window’s 7 galleries. The photos are automatically changed if you set the option.

Supports old versions and software

This version runs almost all old software which was operated by Windows XP.

Searching Data

You can search for anything on your computer quickly.

Sharing files and printers on a network

Fast access
Speedy access to your favorite songs, files, websites, and documents.

A quick way to resize and compare windows on your desktop.


You can take a screenshot of all of your screens and save them.

Better thumbnail previews & icons, and more ways to customize.

Support 64 Bit
Windows 7 supports 64-bit PCs.

Windows XP Features
Run the Entire Software of Windows XP.

Download Win 7

⇒-Ðownload the USB Windows Bootable Making tool.Rufus Download

⇒-Ðata Recovery Tool Free Download.

How to Create the Windows USB:

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