UFS3 Box (Famous GSM Software Box)

UFS3 Box, UFS3,

UFS3 Box

UFS3 Boxis the most famous and world-first multiplatform phone servicing tool from Saras Factory, UFS is a powerful (SmartPhone Flash Tool) UFS Box is a Sarasoft team product for flash many brands of mobile phone devices. you can easily manage to Update your Smartphone, Flash, network unlock, Remove Screen Lock, Remove Pattern Lock, Repair IMEI, SP-Unlock, and many other features with UFS3 Box. Saras-soft produces many types of flashing box in UFS Box Series the first product is UFS-3 with HWK key, UFS-5, UFS micro, UFS-T, and UFS Turbo. UFS Turbo Box is the latest multiplatform phone servicing tool from Saras Factory. UFS Turbo Box supports a new model Flashing and Unlocking for Samsung devices with full support for the most type of Android phones.


  1. World’s first USB cable in GSM history that uses USB 3.0 standard
  2. High-Speed USB
  3. USB Interface (480 MHz)
  4. Custom V-Bat, VPP, TX, RX, BSI Connectors
  5. High-Speed UART communication up to 3.686.400 Bauds
  6. High-Speed F-Bus transfer (up to 16 MHz)
  7. Programmable BSI resistance
  8. On-board VPP generator (12V)
  9. USB/UART switch on a USB cable
  10. Factory Programming Mode (F-P-G-M) for Samsung Smartphones
  11. Smartcard Protected


  • Nokia: All new and old models include Java, Symbian, Beli, Windows, and Android
  • Samsung: Java, Symbian, Windows, Android O/S
  • Sony Ericsson: Java, Windows, O/S Android, Experia
  • LG: Java, Android, Windows, LG-Official
  • Motorola, Siemens, Alcatel, and the more mobile phone also added
  1. Download bellow all brands official firmware files free:


Package Content

  • Fully Activated Genuine SarasSoft UFST Box
  • Samsung P1000 Cable
  • Samsung E210 Cable
  • Micro UART Cable
  • LG KG800 Cable
  • USB Data Cable

Download detailed information about UFS Box supported features (Download PDF File)

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