How to install the Windows


How to install the windows

Here we will explain in a simple way how to install the windows on your computer. The installation process of each Windows or its Versions is probably similar. There may be some differences in installation steps among various versions of Windows, but the following general steps and guidelines will help you to install Windows on your computer.

The installation process given below is for all recent versions of Windows, including Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You can use these guideline steps to install earlier versions too. The steps for installation are given below.

1- Pre-installation work

Before the installation of windows, you must know, when you are installing windows on your computer, your previous software and data will be deleted automatically. So you should save your important data in a safe place or USB Drive.

2- Important Requirements

Important things you required for windows installation are the bootable CD, DVD or USB containing Windows. You will have to write and save the product key on your notes, that key is required during installing the Windows. Having these necessary tools/files, now we are sharing how to install the windows.

3- Disk space and its compatibility

For the installation of windows, there must be at least 15 GB of free space in your Disk drive. Before installing or upgrading Windows on your computer, you should check the hardware on the computer to make sure it is compatible with that version of Windows. Microsoft provides a list on the internet to check either your disk is compatible with a specific version or not.

4- After checking compatibility, Place the CD/DVD in the DVD drive or USB thumb drive into the back of the computer. And now you have to follow these steps.

(i) Turn on or restart the computer.

(ii) After the computer starts up, select the boot device in which your Windows software is on i.e. DVD or USB device.

(iii) Then your screen will show a message similar to Press any key to boot from CD. Press any key on the keyboard to have the computer boot from the Windows disc or drive.

5- The Windows installation process will begin. There will be several questions that you will need to answer. Choose the appropriate option to install Windows. Remember, you will have to select the full install option to install the full version of the new windows.

6- On asking, which partition the windows install to, select partition C (Usually).

7- There will be an option if you want to erase all data on the hard drive and then install Windows. It is recommended that you should select this option, as it will also properly format the hard drive to allow the Windows to be installed.

8- The computer may restart many times during the installation process. Don’t worry about it.

9- When the windows installation process is near to complete, the Windows configuration options will be displayed. You are asked to select your time zone, your preferred language, and the name of the account you will use to access Windows. Choose the appropriate choice and enter the correct information on each configuration screen.

Final configuration

Some windows contain built-in software relevant to hardware in it but for some windows operating systems, the software & drivers for each hardware will have to install manually. You can use the installation discs that came with the hardware, or you can download the drivers. Here we recommend that you should install the latest drivers for each hardware. After the installation of necessary hardware device drivers, you can install any software programs on the computer that you want to use.

hopefully, you have learned how to install Windows. Anyhow, if you any assistance you need, feel free to contact us.